Empirical data for bicycle planning


Plan, prioritize and improve cycling infrastructure

When you need geographical data for cycle planning – fast


CYCLECROWD is a service that provides cities with crowdsourced information on cyclists’ route choices, problem areas and where new cycling infrastructure is most desired.


CYCLECROWD taps into the experience of local cyclists to provide you with an up-to-date map of how they use and perceive the local cycle infrastructure. CYCLECROWD is based on a customised digital survey and collects information directly from cyclists who want to participate in improving the cycling conditions in their city. It can typically produce tangible results in a matter of weeks.


CYCLECROWD can be used when you quickly need city-wide data for planning or improving your cycling infrastructure. The results can be used as a basis for a bicycle strategy, infrastructure improvements, the expansion of a public bicycle system, to identify suitable counter locations or to verify your planned investments.


CYCLECROWD provides unique data for cycle planning in your city quickly and cost-efficiently. It is also a great tool to engage your cyclists in a participatory process.


CYCLECROWD was successfully used to provide data for the development of a bicycle infrastructure plan for the City of Banja Luka and an investment programme for Sarajevo in the context of international cooperation projects, with thousands of cyclists providing valuable data.

Current route choices, Hotspots and problem areas, Desired expansion

CYCLECROWD is a service provided by Koucky & Partners AB.

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