10 juni 2024

Michael talar på Velocity

Temat på årets Velo-city-konferens är Connecting through cycling. Michael kommer att tala vid två tillfällen.

Seminar 1: The very latest in bicycle parking implementation and practices

Michel´s topic: The importance of and possibilities for real estate and housing companies

Public authorities at all levels are actively promoting cycling with increased funding, better land use planning, building cycle paths and offering bicycle subsidies. But this revolution is going to be difficult to maintain if there is nowhere to put these bikes. Cycle journeys almost always travel from building to building, and it is essential that we include designing space for cycling in these buildings. The three presentations will first look at the high level legislative developments at the EU that will mandate its member countries to include good bike parking infrastructure in all buildings, and will then focus more specifically on the design, construction and implementation of those infrastructure actually in and around the building.

Seminar 2: Building up the cycling sector’s workforce

Michael´s topic: Jobs and the cycling sector

The cycling sector offers significant opportunities for job creation across various fields: from bicycle manufacturing, maintenance and retail to infrastructure development and advocacy. They all play an important role in promoting cycling as a crucial mode of transport. In this panel discussion, we will focus on the importance of the cycling sector’s workforce.