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Products and projects


Below you will find more information about some of our products and cooperative projects in which we are involved. Feel free to contact us for more information.


For cities that want to achieve more sustainable urban transport.

QUEST is a proven working process for cities which want to gradually and systematically achieve a more sustainable transportation system and want to improve their stakeholder involvement. The QUEST method has been developed by a collaboration of European actors and has been successfully used in more than fifty cities around Europe, including six in Sweden. Koucky & Partners has had a central role in developing the method, has led the work in the Swedish cities and is included in the team that trains in the QUEST-method.



Travel surveys provide knowledge about how and why people travel the way they do and are an essential tool when working with targets, and action plans for sustainable travel. They are also an important instrument when following up actual travelling and transportation as well as when monitoring development over time.

Koucky & Partners tailor cost effective travel surveys adapting them to the needs and resources of our clients who range from municipalities to large or small enterprises, schools and other organisations.


Researching cycling cities and a tool for bicycle planning.

CyCity, financed by Vinnova, is Sweden’s largest research program concerning bicycle planning. The project has already completed a number of research studies, the results of which have, among other things, led to the development of tools for bicycle planning and analysis. Koucky & Partners is a partner in CyCity and a co-developer of the tools used in BikeRoute.


CASCADE is an ongoing EU-project with the goal of encouraging the exchange of experience and knowledge of energy efficiency between European cities, with a focus on urban traffic, construction, and renewable energy. Koucky & Partners through CASCADE has participated in peer-reviews and organised several study visits and other exchanges. This project has provided extensive experience of different types of knowledge exchange as well as a broad contact network among European cities.
PQ Cycle


The quality and accessibility of bicycle parking is a decisive factor for making bicycle transport more attractive. PQ Cycle is a systematic method for establishing the current bicycle parking situation on a property, a street or a whole city. An analysis with PQ Cycle provides a clear baseline for cost-efficient improvement possibilities.